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400 Hz Converter for Aviation

Stationary frequency conversion solutions for air fields, aircraft maintenance facilities, and service centers requiring 400 Hz power.

A 400Hz converter is used to either change available grid power (usually 50Hz or 60Hz) to 400Hz or the reverse, 400Hz supply to 50Hz or 60Hz for powering conventional loads. TEMCo provides the most flexibility in available design specifications of any 400Hz Converter manufacturer. Additionally, starting with our standard modular design, many models can be delivered in as little as 3-5 weeks.

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Aviation Industry Solutions

400hz converter used for avionics repair.

TEMCo provides power conversion and line isolation systems for the aviation industry and other 400 Hz applications.

400Hz Converter Motor Generator supplied to Lockheed Martin.
Precision Frequency Conversion systems for changing to and from 400Hz. 50/60Hz Input, 400Hz Output. 400Hz Input, 50Hz or 60Hz output.

Motor Generator 400Hz Converter
A 400Hz Converter Power Conditioner can change frequency and voltage.
Precision 400Hz Power Isolation systems for providing clean power.

Precision Power Conditioner 400Hz Converter

Other industries that commonly employ a 400Hz Converter

Project Reference: Aircell, LLC. (Illionis, USA)

Aviation Project

Specifications: TEMCo 400Hz Converter, 20 kVA

For running 60 Hz maintenance machinery from available 400 Hz airfield supply power.

Motor generator sets are most commonly used in airfield applications for converting available supply power that is 60 Hz to 400 Hz for powering aircraft as well as testing aircraft electronic hardware. For this customer, the need was reversed, and the only conveniently available supply power was 400 Hz. The customer needed to operate 60 Hz maintenance machinery, and TEMCo was able to achieve this using the specified rotary 400Hz Converter.

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