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100% electrical line isolation. TEMCo offers Voltage Regulator & Line Conditioning units which provide exceptionally clean power.

Grid power fluctuates based on distance to primary distribution point and local area load. How tolerant are your operations to these conditions? A Voltage Regulator will not only eliminate voltage change but can be specified to offer brownout/blackout ride through, frequency regulation and provide for a host of other special electrical needs.

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About Line Isolation Motor Generator Sets

The output of a voltage regulator Motor Generator Set is significantly better than what you would normally see on your utility grid. Unlike your industrial community power, where you have no control over what your neighbors do with it and how that affects your supply, using a TEMCo Voltage Regulator Motor Generator Set is like having a dedicated power generation system exclusive for your needs.

Many commercial utility consumers report that other users connected to the same power grid cause momentary brown outs, surges, poor power factor and harmful transients to their power by simply switching on and off large industrial loads. This can be as simple as the voltage spike and back EMF that happens when contactors (commonly called motor starters) switch on and off large motors on factory equipment. These spikes can momentarily exceed 800 Volts on a 240V line. This is just one example of the dangers that lurk in the commercial utility system environment, but the scenarios are countless. Unless something is put in place to stop these power conditions from reaching your machinery then they will take the impact in full force.

Simple motor type loads may last a while and are fairly resilient under such conditions but over time this can cause insulation brake down then ultimately and inevitably complete failure. Sophisticated loads such as solid state devices, CNC machinery and all computer controlled loads cannot handle these situations; results are usually terminal on the first occurrence. TEMCo's Voltage Regulator Motor Generator Sets are the perfect solution to solve this problem.


Voltage Regulator Industrial Line Conditioner System for general manufacturing.

Voltage Regulator Systems for general manufacturing, production, and industrial applications.

Lowest cost per kW of solutions offered.


Voltage Regulator Precision Power Conditioner System for highly sensitive loads.

For laboratory equipment, the microchip industry, and sensitive medical equipment requiring tight frequency regulation.

Units maintain constant output voltage and frequency independent of supply line fluctuations.

TEMCo Precision Voltage Regulator MG Sets are commonly used where solid-state UPS design specifications fall short.

At a Glance: Line Isolation Specifications

Specifications Industrial Precision
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz 50, 60, or 400 Hz
Voltage Up to 600 VAC
Phase Single or Three
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz 50, 60, or 400 Hz
Frequency regulation < 25kVA: 0 to -4%
25 kVA and above: 0 to -2%
+/- 0.1%
Voltage up to 600 VAC
Voltage regulation +/- 1%
Voltage range 10%, user adjustable
Phase Single or Three
System capacity
(larger systems available
upon request)
2.5 to 600 VAC 2.5 to 1250 kVA
Enclosure type Open or NEMA 3R
Operating temperature up to 40°C (55°C optional)
Operation Rated for continuous operation
Control interface Input circuit breaker
Output circuit breaker
Digital output metering
Voltage adjust rheostat
Fault monitoring

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