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Frequency converter & voltage conditioner systems for military deployment, mobile and stationary radar systems & communication equipment, data centers, and aviation applications.

Using a Rotary Frequency Converter or Voltage Conditioner can clean up even the roughest supply power from remote small power producers. Read on for available solutions.

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Military Industry Solutions

Voltage Conditioner for Naval Communications Systems.

TEMCo provides a Voltage Conditioner or Frequency Converter for those needing to power military communications equipment, data centers, and military bases.

Using a Voltage Conditioner with Frequency Conversion Capability.
Frequency conversion for converting to and from 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz.

Frequency conversion voltage conditioner products
Rotary Voltage Conditioner Voltage Regulator.
Voltage Conditioner models for providing clean power.

Voltage conditioner products

Project Reference: US Marines, sold through military contractor (Iraq)

Containerized Voltage Conditioner for US Marines Support.

Control System for Voltage Conditioner MG Set.

Specifications: (2x) TEMCo Rotary Frequency Converter, 200 kW

TEMCo was contacted by US Marines ground equipment logistics personnel to urgently solve an equipment relocation and support problem. Equipment had been redeployed to an area in Iraq where the local supply power was only available in 50 Hz.

TEMCo was able to deliver two Rotary Frequency Converters, the first in 5 weeks, and the second in 7, including engineering design. This delivery was unusually fast, particularly considering the highly complex scope of the specification.

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