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TEMCo Precision Power Conditioner Motor Generator Sets are used to isolate machinery from fluctuating supply power. Typical applications include medical equipment, robotics, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, marine power, laser power supplies, aviation equipment, military communication, and radar systems.

Voltage Regulator Product Lines:    Industrial    |    Precision

Product Highlights

Provides tight frequency regulation.

Units maintain constant output voltage and frequency independent of supply line fluctuations.

Units use high power density rotating assemblies that dramatically reduce the acquisition cost of the system, long term maintenance, package size, and weight.

Typical Specifications



Power Conditioner for 400Hz System 1 MW Power Conditioner for use in the Middle East. MG-100 Power Conditioner with Voltage Conversion.

Model Part Numbering System

TEMCo has standard products in almost any configuration to meet your power conversion needs. Simply use the chart below to determine your model number, and contact us at 510.403.4063.

Example Model number: MG-0030-B8C3-VD

MG- 0030- B 8 C 3- VD
30 kVA 480V Input 120V Output 60 Hz in, 400 Hz out 3 Phase In, 3 Phase Out Speed control, Direct coupled

kVA- Input Voltage Output Voltage Frequency Phase Conversion- Features
MG- xxxx A= 600V 1= 120/208V A= 60 Hz In, 60 Hz Out 1= 1 Phase In, 1 Phase Out - I= Inductive Drive, Belt coupled
MG- xxxx B= 480V 2= 120/240V B= 60 Hz In, 50 Hz Out 2= 1 Phase In, 3 Phase Out - V= Speed control
MG- xxxx C= 416V 3= 240V C= 60 Hz In, 400 Hz Out 3= 3 Phase In, 3 Phase Out - D= Direct coupled
MG- xxxx D= 380V 4= 480Y/277V D= 400 Hz In, 60 Hz Out 4= 3 Phase In, 1 Phase Out - R= Rough Enviroment
MG- xxxx E= 347V 5= 600Y/347V E= 400 Hz In, 50 Hz Out S= Custom Features
MG- xxxx F= 277V 6= 380Y/220V F= 400 Hz In, 400 Hz Out  
MG- xxxx G= 240V 7= 416Y/240V G= 50 Hz In, 50 Hz Out
MG- xxxx H= 208V 8= 120V H= 50 Hz In, 400 Hz Out
MG- xxxx I= 200V 9= 220V I= 50 Hz In, 60 Hz Out
MG- xxxx J= 2400V 10= 220Y/127V  
MG- xxxx K= 4160V 11= 240Y/139V
MG- xxxx L= 120V 12= 230V
MG- xxxx M= 440V 13= 230Y/133
MG- xxxx N= 460V 14= 115V
MG- xxxx O= 575V 15= 440V
MG- xxxx P= 230V 16= 440Y/254V
MG- xxxx Q= 450V 17= 460V
MG- xxxx R= 2300V 18= 460Y/266V
MG- xxxx S= 220V 19= 480V
MG- xxxx T= 110V 20= 400Y/231V
MG- xxxx U= 550V 21= 208V
MG- xxxx V= 400V 22= 380V
MG- xxxx W= Special 23= 600V
MG- xxxx 24= 110/220V
MG- xxxx 25= 450Y/251V
MG- xxxx 26= 575Y/332V
MG- xxxx 27= 200Y/115V
MG- xxxx 28= 500V
MG- xxxx 29= 280V
MG- xxxx 30= Special Voltage

Call us at 510.403.4063 or email us at info@hzfrequencyconverter.com to speak with an application engineer about your project.