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Production and Manufacturing

Testing products for export, power supply for imported machinery and complete production systems, line power conditioning and isolation.

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Production & Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Food processing machinery powered by an Hz Converter.

In the production and manufacturing industry, frequency conversion and line isolation are often needed to run imported machinery. Using an Hz Converter can prove significantly less expensive than re-engineering production equipment to handle a different frequency than it was originally designed for.

A Hz Converter can provide Frequency Conversion.
A Hz Converter for 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz frequency conversion needs.

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A Hz Converter can provide Voltage Regulation.
In addition to offering a Hz Converter, TEMCo manufactures solutions for 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz line isolation needs.

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Project Reference: EPSTEIN - Nonni's Foods (South Carolina, USA)

Hz Converter manufactured for Nonniļæ½s Foods.

Hz Converter Specifications: TEMCo Motor Generator Set - 1000kVA

Nonni's Foods was in the process of acquisition of a large scale imported food processing line. They needed an Hz Converter quickly to meet their production schedule. TEMCo supplied paralleled industrial units in order to reduce lead time. Additionally, the customer is able to increase or decrease total system capacity as demanded by their production power usage, leading to more flexibility.

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