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R & D

R & D

Laboratory equipment power supply, product development testing, and grid power simulation.

TEMCo commonly provides labs 60Hz to 50Hz and the reverse, 50Hz to 60Hz frequency conversion systems. Line Isolation as well as customized solutions are also tailored as customers needs dictate.

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R&D Industry Solutions

60Hz to 50Hz Converter for powering Laser power supply.

We provide frequency conversion and line isolation solutions for product testing and lab equipment power supply.

60Hz to 50Hz Frequency Conversion for R&D.
For 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz frequency conversion applications.

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Voltage Regulator with 60Hz to 50Hz Frequency Conversion.
For 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and 400 Hz line isolation needs.

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Standard Offerings

Project Reference: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (Pennsylvania, USA)

TEMCo can manufacture small 60Hz to 50Hz Converters.

Specifications: TEMCo Motor Generator Set - 1 kW

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories contacted TEMCo for equipment to use with their specialized laboratory tests of power monitoring systems. They specifically requested a very small variable speed drive and motor generator set. This project illustrates TEMCo's responsiveness to tailor solutions to specific customer needs. The output capacity was well below our standard minimum size but it was necessary to achieve their testing specifications.

TEMCo custom manufactured a 1kW direct coupled MG Set with induction motor driven synchronous generator and variable speed drive.

Call us at 510.403.4063 or email us at info@hzfrequencyconverter.com to speak with an application engineer about your project.