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In-House Engineering. TEMCo's engineering team is structured to support custom design solutions:

Flywheel systems, energy storage, power disruption ride through, large scale power conversion systems, medium and high voltage conversion, complete package integration including switchgear, and integration with power management systems.

Production Time. 4 week average production time for build-to-order, standard, and custom solutions.

Small footprint. Our industrial type MG Set Systems employ a vertical chassis design to save significant floor space. Precision systems use high power density rotating assemblies that dramatically reduce the acquisition cost of the system, long term maintenance, package size, and weight.

Non-proprietary service components. The service items used in our systems are mainstream and commonly available in the industry.

Maintenance. MG Set Systems are designed to be serviced by generally informed motor or generator repair facilities, using non-proprietary tools and equipment.

Project References

The map below indicates installed locations of TEMCo's Rotary Frequency Conversion and Line Isolation systems.

MG Set installed locations.

EPSTEIN - Nonni's Foods

South Carolina, USA

Industry: Production & Manufacturing

Spec: 1000 kVA, 480V 60 Hz input to 380V 50 Hz output using 3 x 340 kVA modules with synchronizing control.

Application: For powering an imported large scale bagel chip production line.

MG Set Provided for Nonni�s Foods.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Pennsylvania, USA

Industry: R & D

Spec: 1 kVA, 240V 60 Hz input to 120V 60 Hz output motor generator set.

Application: For laboratory testing of power monitoring and analysis equipment.

Line Isolation MG Set for Laboratory Testing.

Nakilat Shipyard


Industry: Marine

Spec: 4.5 mva plus 1.5 mva (planned expansion), 11kV, 50 to 60 Hz frequency conversion system.

Application: Supply power for LNG tankers and drilling platforms during construction and repair.

MG Set Provided for Nakilat Shipyard.

CCR Technologies


Industry: Oil & Gas

Spec: 200 kW, 380/400V 50 Hz input to 480V 60 Hz output frequency converter.

Application: For running mobile glycol reclamation units for offshore natural gas wells.

CCR Technologies using an MG Set to power glycol reclamation units.

Henri Fraise Fils & Cie


Industry: Mining

Spec: 440 kVA, 400V 50 Hz input to 460V 60 Hz output frequency converter.

Application: For frequency conversion of imported mining equipment.

MG Set Provided for mining operation in Madagascar.

Undisclosed Military Contractor


Industry: Data & Telecommunications

Spec: 80 kVA, 380V 50 Hz input to 208V 60 Hz output with NEMA 3R enclosure.

Application: Powering communications equipment from the United States in Afghanistan.

MG Set Provided Military support in Afghanistan.

Aircell LLC.

Illinois, USA

Industry: Aviation

Spec: 20 kVA, 208V 400 Hz input to 208V 60 Hz output frequency converter.

Application: For running 60 Hz maintenance machinery from available 400 Hz airfield supply power.

Aircell LLC MG Set for 400Hz Power Conversion.

Project details

US Marines


Industry: Military

Spec: Two 200 kW frequency converters in 20 ft. ISO containers w/ environmental control. 480/380/240V 50 Hz input to 208Y/120V 60 Hz output. For 50°C temp.

Application: For powering deployed military facilities using the local power grid.

Military Power from MG Set.

Project details

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